The Alabama Hotel Hobart


Best bloody little hotel in Hobart hands down. And also the cheapest. When I am here I'm stuck in a Wes Anderson Film that's collecting dust in a draw yet to be produced. Somewhere in the void between the old world charm of the Grand Budapest Hotel and a scout tent shared camp bathroom situation of Moonrise kingdom. Sounds kooky but I like it — and you'll get what I mean when you visit. Midnight DnM's with characters newly written into your scene in the shared bathrooms and chats over a GnT's in the lounge with the whole cast.

Local Tip — Talk to anyone at the desk about what to do, see, drink, party, eat... pray, love. If you've washed in here, you'll probably be looking to get invovled with everything thats outside of all the top ten lists. Also book early, they only have a large handful of rooms, and its a stay like no other. Visit and book the Alabama Hotel Hobart here.



AirBnb Stay - Tiny Dancer

So if shared bathrooms and the hotel vibe arn'nt your thing, I totally adore the little AirBnb Tiny Dancer. She's cute as a button, with all the bells and whistles, and a bath, full kitchen and WiFi for 100 bucks a night (what! I know). She's in a great spot — North Hobart is one of my favourite suburbs. Your own car park, walk to all the joints you'll be wanting to check out in the area and jump in the car for the rest — Tiny Dancer is a solid options for a long airbnb stay.

Local Tip — The closest cafe Born In Brunswick is one of the best. Food and coffee ++ just down the road. Visit and book Tiny Dancer here.



If you've got a problem thats hard to talk about like me, considering your coffee options will be top priority. Don't worry I got you. Grab some beans, we have a grinder at Captains Rest.

Local Tip - CBD - Pilgrim Coffee, North Hobart — Born in Brunswick and Room for a Pony, South Hobart - Ginger Brown. 


CBD — Criterion Street

The CBD is the obvious place to start exploring Hobart. There are lots of spots visitors tend to start from, but my tip is start out from Criterion Street, and branch out from there. Keep an eye out for Home State Hobart, Maid & Magpie Tattoo, Criterion Street Cafe, and The Floral Criteria.

Local Tip - On Sundays, a favourite to skip the tourist mecca Salamanca Markets is the Farm Gate Market close to Criterion Street in Bathurst Street. 



Start your diet now, even if you plan to visit one day, start now - you'll thank me later. The grass is greener in Tassie, food is better and life is roses, crafternoons and long conversations over a garden fence. Back to the point, if I was pushed, and had to pick two places to eat - I'd go for Franklins and the Agrarian Kitchen. 

Franklins - Gorgeous venue, divine food, a team who are top notch, and the best wine I have ever tasted. I know this is a big call, and I havn't been paid to say this, but its 100000% true. They have a big natural wine thing going on, as well as collaborations with all the best and brightest Tassie wine guys. Food is just as good. Trust me. Local Tip - Its a great place that to eat alone if your solo. A big communal dining table, a chef's selection option, and stumbling distance home.

The Agrarian Kitchen - Is out in New Norfolk, so on your route to Captains Rest. You absolutely need a booking, so plan for lunch here before winding north. Its a day spent in an old stone building used in a former life as a mental asylum. It's every bit as fabulous as it sounds. All senses heightened, every belly full, totally worth the booking ahead. Local Tip - relax, just go the Chef's selection and have wines chosen for you (if you're not driving).



No stuffing around, the best shop in the world is The Drill Hall Emporium. Out in New Norfolk (so plan to stop in before or after eating at the Agrarian Kitchen). Give yourself an hour or two, a fat wallet and permission to buy something just wonderful that you never thought you needed. I always get a personal email of thanks from every person I've ever sent here, I wonder if I could hook up some type of commission?

A girl can always dream, but each visit I always ponder an extension or another little cabin in the woods somewhere so i can buy more lovely things from these gorgeous ladies. Local Tip - can't get enough? Check out Flywheel around the corner, owned by the same family with a focus on stationary and letterpress. 


Shene Distillery

I love everything about Shene, the most divine estate, a gorgeous family running the who she-bang, and some of the best whisky and gin I have ever tasted, and Im telling you now I have sampled a lot. They open their cute little road side stall on Sundays for a few hours, but get in touch if your looking for a venue, private tour or to have their stuff in your place.

Local Tip - Pick up a bottle of Poltergeist Gin at most good bottle shops to take home, or drink here ... or one for each option. 


SLeep over - Pump House Point

I need a bumper sticker that goes something along the lines of 'My Other Cabin is Pump House Point' - because its true. Half way to Captains, I always need to stop to rest a while, or thats my excuse. If I can't be here, I want to be there. I bet you have heard of this place so I don't need to say too much, but coming or going from us, it's the stop to stop.

Local Tip - There's a communal dining option each evening which everyone tends to do. I prefer to raid the personal larder in my room, kick back by a fire overlooking Lake St. Clair and pretend the Pump House is a cabin of my own, if only for a few hours.